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Kristy K. James reviewed 5 star
Daniela narrated my Coach’s Boys series (7 books at the time) and did a wonderful job. She’s a dream to work with, doesn’t hesitate to question pronunciation of words like Mackinac and Bois Blanc. She also had no problem going back and making a couple of changes for something that was my mistake. I loved working with her and hope to work with her more on future projects.
I should have added that I was impressed when listening to the stories before approving them, her narration made me cry during several emotional scenes – and I wrote the stories!

Linda Mooney reviewed 5 star
Daniela is a dream to work with, and she’s exceedingly professional. She doesn’t just provide the voices for my characters, she acts them out. She evokes such strong emotions when she portrays them, I find myself laughing and crying. Another wonderful thing, other than her talent, is that she keeps in contact with you. She keeps you abreast of how she’s progressing, and if there might be a delay. She also requests pronunciations beforehand of certain character’s names or locations. And when I listen for edits, most chapters are spotless and require no corrections.
I feel very blessed and lucky to have found Daniela to narrate my books. I’ve worked with many narrators, and she’s by far the best.

Diane Marina reviewed 5 star
Daniela is an absolute joy to work with, and she makes the process of producing an audiobook fun. She’s professional, and goes above and beyond her role as a narrator. When I decided to produce my first audiobook, Daniela walked me through the entire process, every step of the way. She kept in touch with me so I would know when to expect files. But the “WOW” factor comes from Daniela’s unbelievable talent. Not only does she have a voice that’s just perfect for this line of work, she also has the acting chops that bring a story to life. She’s given my stories deeper dimension, and has brought my characters to life in a way I hadn’t even considered while creating them. I can’t imagine wanting to work with a narrator other than Daniela.

5 Star – Alexis Hunter-Daniela is a consummate professional! My book “Joi Lansing…A Body To Die For. A Love Story” was very complicated and emotionally challenging. She did a phenomenal narration and acting job, and I am blown away.
Thank you, Daniela!

5 Star – Mark McNease – Daniela narrated two of my audiobooks (Death in the Headlights,’ and ‘Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge’). She brought them both to vivid life, giving the characters distinct voices and the narration a terrific fluidity. She’s a fabulous choice for a narrator. If you have a story to tell, Daniela is the one to tell it.

5 Star – Sandi K Whipple – Isn’t it wonderful how one can create a story in their head, then finally put it in writing? But even more wonderful, is finding someone to bring that story alive via great narration. Daniela Acitelli did just that! While listening to ‘Twisted Engagement’, I found it difficult to believe I wrote it! Thank you, Daniela, for a job well done! You’re awesome

5 Star-Nicole Bartle-I love all of the Audiobooks I’ve listened to that Daniela has narrated. She’s not only a great narrator with a voice for many different genres, she’s a super friendly, easy-going, interactive narrator who will give you her time, whenever you have a question. I can’t wait to hear more work from her.

5 star “Absolutely loved it”
The narrator was wonderful, she made it so you felt the emotions of the characters, I cried like a baby at the cemetery scene. I loved how she brought the book to life to me

5 Star “Emotional Rollercoaster With Heartwarming Moments”
The narrator did a great job bringing the story to life.

5 star “A 7 Star Story

5 Star This novel was a joy to listen to. Ms Ellen you are a very good author continue writing and Ms. Daniela I really enjoyed you. You are a very good narrator I really enjoyed listening to you. With your voice I was laughing alot of the times. Please continue the good works.

5 Star Eddie for sure! Daniela played each character well, giving them their own personality through her voice (or voices).

4 Star Daniela did a great job of narrator! I love to listen to books because it opens up time for me to read that I would not normally get the chance. Like driving, housework or knitting.

5 Star This is by far the best audiobook so far in my library. She did very well with the interpretation of the different character’s voices.

5 Star The narrator Daniela Acitelli did a great job with character voices. I like the way the 2 personalities in the one body (MPD) have distinct voices. She was able to slip into male and female voices easily. It was a pleasure listening to this audiobook. I will be looking for more of her narrations in the future.

5 Star The narration was very good. Daniela has a very clear voice with good enunciation making the audio easy to listen to.

4 Star The narrator carried the story and characters through nicely and was a pleasure to listen to.

5 Star Daniela Acitelli did a fantastic job putting her voice to this book. She’s a wonderful voice actor and has perfect voice inflections. Her tone and pace added an extra feel of suspense that I especially enjoyed. An overall great story.

4 Star I loved Daniela Acitelli’s performance of The Red Lady. I liked her accent, expression and tone of voice which I thought complemented the historical nature of the novel. She does a good job of voicing the characters and I would certainly listen to more books narrated by her.

5 Star Ms. Acitelli brings it all to life! She is able to differentiate characters well, and portray their emotions clearly.

5 Star
Yes, it was a well plotted book. With interesting character development. And the narrator, Daniela Acitelli was a creative, talented narrator.

4 Star The narration was well done. The characters were excellently portrayed.

“Fast Paced & Engaging” Daniela is very engaging as a narrator. Her character portrayals were on point and manages to bring the story to life for you.5 Star “Absolutely loved it” To begin with the perfect narrator for this story is the least I can say.
The narrator was so great I felt like part of the book