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The Dressing Up Box

When we were little we used to go to my grandmother’s house and my two favourite things in the world were ice cream and ‘The Dressing Up Box’. This box contained an assortment of my grandmother’s 1950s chiffon lingerie and hats, a lot of hats. I can’t tell you the joy I felt dancing around in those gorgeous pastel coloured garments and putting on ‘shows’ for the family.

Fast forward (quite a few years) and I have been working from home in my studio narrating audiobooks for two years. I’ve spent most of this time in my pyjamas (and if I’m completely honest eating far too much cereal out of the box). A few days ago, while cleaning the flat I found my old ‘Dressing Up Box’ (a combination of poorly thought through impulse buys and binge spending) and just for the fun of it put on my pink, pink wig. I even tried on some of my old favourites in striking colours and lots of bling. Then coming to my senses, I muttered something along the lines of ‘why make the effort when no one will see me anyway?’ and put the box away trying to forget about it.

The next day when I went in to the studio to start narrating I swear to you I could hear the box calling my name very quietly at first then more loudly and more insistently. Finally, in a fit of distraction I gave in and rummaged around in the box ‘just to take a short break’ I told myself. I pulled out my kimono, the one I found years ago swearing that I would wear it all the time but never actually putting it on. I wandered around the house all that day in my beautiful kimono feeling like I was a terribly glamourous French Artist, feeling young again, feeling like myself again, feeling like I had a secret, like the beautiful red silk gave me powers that a normal pair of leggings never could. The next day was very cold and what a waste to leave all my faux fur coats in the closet so what’s a girl to do but record all day wearing a green faux fur coat. I’m aware that people may wonder at a full-grown person dressing up in the privacy of her own house without the excuse of an audience, but I think I’ve found magic. Through my ‘Dressing Up Box’ I am able to transport myself back to the little girl that loved to dress up and pretend.

I wonder how many of you have played recently. In this very serious world I wonder if we would all be better adults if we remembered the things we loved and listened to the sounds of our ‘Dressing Up Box’s’ or our ‘Toy Trains’ when they whisper at us to come and play. I don’t believe time is linear I believe we are all the same people we were when we were young and that part of us, that playfulness is still there. We mask our true selves with very grown up personas but who’s to say that part of our personality is any more genuine than the innocent young part of our souls. I think we should all wear something ridiculous and gorgeous and outrageous as often as possible. I think the world would be a much better place if we took things a little less seriously.

I’ll see you in the grocery store. I’ll be the one in a pink wig and green faux fur coat.

Kind Regards, Daniela